Explanation of Standard Stencil
by joe

Posted on 2018-11-14

Although the BLOX project is based on use of relatively few elements, we do plan to develop a variety of types of posts and to present them in multiple "threads" of interest. Types of posts refer to the physical-logical layout (called stencils). The various threads are distinguished by subject matter such as this one discussion the BLOX project or utilitarian posts such as instructions for installing Python.

The first type of blog post is based on the "blog-std" stencil. A stencil is the full-page pattern for a type of blog post. It includes the NavBar along with designation of multiple zones on the spiel (page). In the case of the blog-std stencil, the 8-column left side is populated with rhymes and the right side is populated with stanzas. We expect that use of a few components can make for a robust application, realizing the benefits of more complicated systems by the combinatoric arrangements of those few components.

The structural layout of the Standard Blog Post stencil is shown below. It is based on elements of the "Modern Business" template (Bootstrap 4.0) from which we removed many of the formatting and responsiveness details.

In the BLOX terminology, the page elements on the left side are "rhymes", and the elements on the right side are "stanzas". The entire page is a "spiel."

These sidebar elements are called "stanzas". They are similar to parentheticals or footnotes in that they add material that supplements the flow of the main post.

On smaller screens, stanzas should show up below the main post instead of on the right side.


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