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Posted on 2018-10-10

Access to this website is free.

We do offer paid professional services, however. Please look over these offerings and contact us via email (use our first name, followed by the 'at' sign and the domain name Or you can contact us by phone (find the number at our related professional website).

Application Software Development

We have an extended, quietly distinguished, career as developers of corporate database and small business production applications. We practice the Step-by-Step Implementation methodology.

Intranet/Internal Applications (Python-Flask-Sqlite)
Have an idea or need for an internal database application? We put together simple Python-Flask-Sqlite applications (think, "dozens of users") with similarly simple web interfaces. And we do the work expeditiously. Check out the description of our Step-by-Step implementation process. If it sounds good, give us a call.

Training: Python - Flask - Sqlite
We are more than happy to work with or to help out your own staff in creating useful, simple database apps for internal or Intranet use. We know how to get results quickly and how to build a smooth, long-term relationship with users to guide and control continuing development efforts.

Speaker - Professional Education

We've been writing computer software since before men landed on the moon. Some things never change. Some do.

20 Years of Schoolin'
We started our first software business during the seriously inflation of the late 70s. Our first client was Coca-Cola. We spent 15 years writing PC- and network-based applications for Exxon. And another 15 years as a practicing expert witness in software patent cases. We tossed a Frisbee over the Berlin Wall and delivered a technical presentation dressed in a chicken suit.

Step-by-Step Implementation
It started with a Frenchman, and we picked it up in Montreux, Switzerland. Later practitioners called their variation "agile" development. We still prefer our less formalized process that focuses on building a relationship with clients who are committed to improving their businesses and making the most from their investment in software applications.

Looking for the Right Fit
Success Patterns
Our process and personalities are not for everyone.

Presented below are a couple of client profiles that we have served well in the past. If you and your business fit one of these profiles, give us a call. We'd like to talk to you.

Of course, we welcome almost all challenges. So call us anyway.
Profile: Innovator
We have had great success with small businesses that have an idea for a better way of delivering their products - and need a customized application to make it happen.

This is our bread and butter. We are very experienced at translating unusual perspectives into working software.

Want to test the waters to see whether your idea will float? Give us a call.
Profile: Neglected Corporate Assets
In larger businesses, it is common for secondary information to "leak" - lost because the pressure of primary data flow takes precedence.

We have decades of experience working with all sorts of businesses - from finance to distributors to semiconductors to ... lawyers?

Looking for the opportunity to capture more data at the margin? We could be your guys.


It will be some time yet before we get a comments section working here. In the meantime feel free to send comments via email. On this site our name is Joe Python. The email address is our first name at

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