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This Joe Python blog site addresses multiple topics related to Python applications for the web and the tools and methods used to implement them.

The basic stack is Python 3, Flask, Sqlite, and Nginx.

We write and test code for Mac and Linux installations, and we use both Linux VMs and an Antsle system to spin up VMs for repetitive testing.

The idea behind Programming In Public™ is to show more of the nitty gritty, semi-chaotic discovery process of software development than commonly appears in tutorial-style presentations or other educational offerings. Along with a full, detailed description of the selected topics, you get to see most of the mistakes or digressions encountered in making that particular link of software sausage.

We have been writing software for quite a long time, and have a few thoughts about the vagaries of the profession, too.

More than anything else, though, computer programming is, for us, satisfying, interesting and fun. Our sense of wonder and accomplishment never diminishes. We work, as Fred Brooks put it, "only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff."** After more than 50 years, we continue to be fascinated with the process and product.

Irredeemably Meta

For the sake of brevity, we'll paraphrase the disclaimers from Butler Lampson's Hints for Computer System Design*** paper:

Disclaimer: [Posts on this website] are not [necessarily]
  • novel (with a few exceptions),
  • foolproof recipes,
  • laws of system design or operation,
  • precisely formulated,
  • consistent,
  • always appropriate,
  • approved by all the leading experts, or
  • guaranteed to work.

***Hints for Computer System Design (Yes, it's a hardware paper. But we all know that there is no fixed boundary between hardware and software.)

This BLOX project is, however, multiply self-referential. We are writing a series of blog posts grounded in the topic of developing a system (actually, the system) being written simultaneously to enable authoring, editing, and publishing those same blog posts.

The subject matter is reasonably characterized as "meta", and so is our chosen development environment. It is a single Flask project divided into multiple applications that share a database and some configuration settings, making for an interesting directory structure.

It's fun for us. We hope that you are able to enjoy our offerings for their instructional value - and for their entertainment value as well.

Check out our Related expert witness professional site at

**The Mythical Man-Month, Kindle Edition, Copyright © 1995 by Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.

Opinionated Sites is an "opinionated site." That is, we have education and experience that incline us to various preferences and prejudices that we make very little effort to suppress.

The good news is that you do not have to subscribe to our preferences and prejudices in order to benefit from the many and varied posts on offer here. No need to take umbrage in parallel with out pet peeves; no requirement to sign on to our peculiarities and peccadillos.

Please, enjoy what you can of these offerings. We sincerely hope that somewhere in our myriad writings you will find worthwhile methods, mechanisms and insights.


It will be some time yet before we get a comments section working here. In the meantime feel free to send comments via email. On this site our name is Joe Python. The email address is our first name at

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